Tsubasa - Developer

Tsubasa is a general purpose discord.js bot by QuillDev ❤️


Why Tsubasa ?

Tsubasa translates to "Wing" in Japanese which relates to my dev name "Quill"
I also like the character "Hankeawa Tsubasa" from Bakemonogatari.


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Commands in red are NSFW. | [?argument] means it is optional.

Command Arguments Description
help None Brings you to a site with info on all commands. Probably how you got here
vote None Help Tsubasa by voting on these sites!
pfp [@user] Prints the profile picture of the tagged user, or the author if no one is specified.
invite None Invite URL to join the bot to your server.
donate None Get the bot donation link.
translate [message] Translates the given message into english if it isn't already
source None Link to the bots source code on QuillDev's GitHub.
ping None The current delay before commands are executed.
roll [MAX/MIN] [MAX] The current delay before commands are executed.

Command Arguments Description
play [query] Searches YouTube for the query entered and plays it.
queue None Shows songs in the queue
skip None Skips the song currently playing.
stop None Stops the player from playing any further and disconnects.
radio None Toggles radio mode which auto plays songs.
lyrics None Gets lyrics for the current song if supported.
pause None Toggles whether the player is paused.
playing None Gets the track that's currently playing.
seek [time/seconds] Seeks to the given point in the song if possible

Command Arguments Description
animesearch [query] Searches for anime information matching the query
anime [query] Searches danbooru for a (hopefully?) SFW image matching the given query.
Command Arguments Description
deathroll NONE Starts a deathroll game starting at 10,000
Command Arguments Description
hentai [query] Searches danbooru for hentai matching the given query.
doujin [query] Gets a random doujin from the given query off nhentai
doujintop [query] Gets top 5 doujins for the query given
sauce [image url/ attachment] Tries to get the source for the given image. (Pixiv/Name/NHentai)